Thinking Outside the Box

This section throws out a few questions that stakeholders in education policy may consider:

1. Can funding be sourced to undertake a large-scale action research project of cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in action? The Flexilabs system from Dell Technologies covers everything from the creation of the individual's Virtual Machine to managing all applications, storage and updates. 

2. How can we convince large scale industry to donate their old PC's to schools?

3. We have asked people in business to donate devices. In some cases, PC's are leased, tax breaks are availed of but unfortunately, these devices are then exported when an upgrade is required. If a firm avails of a tax break in Ireland, is there any way that a change in tax policy can require the firm to donate the device to schools or other charitable organisations?

4. Some firms have use Corporate Social Responsibility to assist with their decision making. Can firms develop a policy to donate their old PC's to schools? (In some cases, data protection may be an issue .... firms can remove hard-drives and then donate the monitors, keyboards, mouse and terminal ... schools can afford the cost of a new hard-drive.)

5. In relation to demonstrating cloud-based Virtual desktop Infrastructure to school principals, Boards of Management and ICT teachers, would any interested firm be willing to sponsor a forum by which it can be demonstrated to interested stakeholders?