DOTIE Schools ICT Forum - Now Postponed

Updates as of Jan 27th.
Normally when something is postponed .... it is for all the wrong reasons but on this occasion, we've had to postpone our rescheduled forum for good reasons. (I kid you not)
As a result of our recent publicity (mainly thanks to the kind words of Ailin Quinlan and her colleagues in the Irish Examiner and Evening Echo, we have received various pieces of equipment from all areas of Cork city and county. Interest by schools has also increased and we now have a waiting list by schools for the free equipment. As volunteers, we are using our free time to prepare equipment for distribution and this is taking up a large amount of our time.
We do hope to hold a forum to help develop skills and recap on best practice for teachers using ICT in the classroom. We're going to concentrate on getting the equipment in, ready it and get it out into classrooms for a new lease of life!

Thank you for your continued support. Who knows where this project will lead to but it is going to be a very interesting journey!

N.B Please note the date change from Jan 29th to Feb 5th

As dedicated and passionate teachers about ICT in education, we have decided to hold a mini forum in Bandon Grammar School on Thursday, Feb 5th 2015.
The purpose of the meeting is to share best practice to help the busy teacher to make informed decisions about the following topics: Equipment, free resources, best practice and getting value for money.

Part 1:
Expression of interest form to be completed available here:

Part 2:
To book a place in this meeting, please complete the attached form or use the following link: Register for forum here.

Click the green 'Register' button to book a ticket.

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