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May 2015 - Project updates

posted 5 Jun 2015, 14:07 by Trevor Collins

We have been busy preparing more and more computers for local schools. Through contacts with one of the third level colleges in Cork, we have been asked for computers for secondary schools! While this is a challenge, we take it as a compliment to our efforts that we can make a difference.
The simple truth is that we cannot do this unless we access workable second-hand units from reputable sources. 

We are still hoping to reach out target of helping 15 schools by early May. To date, we have been in contact with many schools. A breakdown of our efforts is summarised as follows:
c.150 schools received emails from and our friends in the West Cork Education Centre
8 schools have received one or more of the following directly through DOTIE: PC's, laptops, advice on infrastructure and / or support with their school website
At least 2 schools have received through our communication network. At least 1 more is on a waiting list.
2 schools were contacted by us and did not need any equipment at the time.
1 school is interested in obtaining equipment but describe themselves as 'not a priority'.
1 school is hoping to update their entire network and this may take a lot of time. We have started on the slow process of sourcing a large number of units for this school.
And finally, at least 1 more school has been contacted directly but we're waiting on feedback from them for their needs.

So there you have it.... a lot of work done by volunteers with a lot more left to do. 

We're not putting a limit to the number of schools as our aim is to help as many schools as possible to develop an ICT infrastructure and curriculum that will develop the necessary skills in our pupils.

As teachers who are teaching computers and coding to young teenagers, we know at first the of the importance of having an adequate system that can be easily managed. teachers have enough on their plate with motivating and supervising students. Any curriculum needs to be interesting, informative and be able to allow the student to develop a love of the subject. We hope to complete a curriculum that will achieve these aims.

Who knows where this 'journey' will take us ....... but it looks as if it is going to be an interesting one!