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Link to presentation for CESI 2016

posted 26 Feb 2016, 23:18 by Trevor Collins
Having looked forward to going to Dublin and give a talk on our activities, fate (and weather) has gone against us and made the local roads close to impassable due to the first snow of the year.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the journey to Dublin due to weather. 

Please find a link to our presentation that we were to use as part of our talk on the activities undertaken.

 It is broken into 3 parts:
1. DOTIE Project 1 (Donating Old Technology Into Education.
2. The mechanics of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and
3. How a large scale VDI system is perfect for groups of schools. (DOTIE Project 2)

Part 2 highlights the inner workings of the VDI system and this should be of interest to those very familiar with ICT infrastructure. 

Parts 1 and 3 give a broad overview on what we've done and what we would like to see happen if other stakeholders in education and industry worked together.

T Collins & D Platts