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HEAnet Conference talk Nov 2017

posted 9 Nov 2017, 01:27 by Trevor Collins   [ updated 9 Nov 2017, 01:27 ]

We are delighted to have been asked to speak at the HEAnet conference which takes place in Galway in early November.
Our talk is based on 'Our story' which outlines how we transformed our school from the traditional 'computer classroom' to using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure system. (See attached presentation)
We sahll also be giving the first large-scale premier of what we believe will be the future of ICT education .... Flexilabs. Watch this space .... you've heard it first!

Meeting with key stakeholders.

posted 6 Feb 2017, 14:48 by Trevor Collins

We expect to meet the Minister of Education & Skills and other key local stakeholders over the next few days to highlight the advantages of using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as a key core element of the future of ICT both as a platform and curriculum over the next few days.
We hope to be able to mention that a change in policy to encourage large firms to donate old technology into schools would be a win-win for all concerned. 
Fingers crossed!!!!!

DOTIE supported by Cork Chamber of Commerce

posted 13 Oct 2016, 13:38 by Trevor Collins

Thank you to the staff of Cork Chamber of Commerce for their support and helping to link us with local companies in order to help with our project.
We hope that this will prove to be both a long term and mutually beneficial working relationship with a common goal to help distribute ICT resources to primary schools.

Link to presentation for CESI 2016

posted 26 Feb 2016, 23:18 by Trevor Collins

Having looked forward to going to Dublin and give a talk on our activities, fate (and weather) has gone against us and made the local roads close to impassable due to the first snow of the year.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the journey to Dublin due to weather. 

Please find a link to our presentation that we were to use as part of our talk on the activities undertaken.

 It is broken into 3 parts:
1. DOTIE Project 1 (Donating Old Technology Into Education.
2. The mechanics of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and
3. How a large scale VDI system is perfect for groups of schools. (DOTIE Project 2)

Part 2 highlights the inner workings of the VDI system and this should be of interest to those very familiar with ICT infrastructure. 

Parts 1 and 3 give a broad overview on what we've done and what we would like to see happen if other stakeholders in education and industry worked together.

T Collins & D Platts

Guest Speakers at the 2016 CESI conference

posted 9 Feb 2016, 02:00 by Trevor Collins

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at the 2016 CESI (Computers in Education Society of Ireland) annual conference which takes place on Feb 27th in Dublin. (

We shall be speaking on the work being done through the DOTIE initiative and a proposed long-term project on large scale virtual desktop infrastructure for schools.

More details to follow when available.

Guest speakers at Teachmeet & Compass

posted 20 Nov 2015, 15:50 by Trevor Collins

We have been busy with spreading the word on what we've been doing both in school and with our DOTIE activities. We are starting a new PC acquirement drive over the next few weeks as we have a long waiting list for PC's for schools.

We are also starting a new project which we believe may change the face of ICT in schools. While this may be a very large claim to make, we genuinely believe that a large scale, centrally planned Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can fundamentally change the output and costs of a school based ICT infrastructure.

The attached documents should prove interesting.

Check out the following website to view the potential future for ICT in education:

DOTIE project - Award from it@cork and recent updates

posted 28 Oct 2015, 15:48 by Trevor Collins   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 15:51 ]

As a result of our work in the DOTIE project and in Bandon Grammar School, we were recently nominated and awarded the Excellence in Education in secondary schools for 2015. 
Thank you to Grainne Bagnall of Sense About Maths for the nomination.

While it is great to receive an award, it really only helps to reinforce the concept that hard work pays off! 

We have a lot done but we have a lot more to do.

Thank you to Jones Engineering for the recent donation of equipment and we expect to donate these units to schools in the coming days.

New academic year - new demands by schools

posted 5 Oct 2015, 10:21 by Trevor Collins

As we're both teachers, the month of September has come and gone in a flash. each and every new academic year brings it's own demands but this year seems busier than most. 
Within our own school, having had one ICT colleague move on to pastures new, the workload in overseeing our own ICT system is now shared between 2 people. (Now factor in an increase in staff and pupil numbers and you'll understand why we've been busy)
Then again ..... it is better to be busy(You'll always give a busy person a job)

Over the last few days we have received a few emails from schools asking for equipment. We have very little in stock so we shall start a new media campaign to source second-hand equipment over the coming weeks. As per protocol, please contact us and we'll put you on the waiting list. (After all ... if you're not in ... you can't win)

For those of you who are not familiar with our system .... we source the free IT equipment, we collect it if necessary, wipe the memories, refurbish them and give them to schools for free. (Yes ... FREE ... no strings attached!)

May 2015 - Project updates

posted 5 Jun 2015, 14:07 by Trevor Collins

We have been busy preparing more and more computers for local schools. Through contacts with one of the third level colleges in Cork, we have been asked for computers for secondary schools! While this is a challenge, we take it as a compliment to our efforts that we can make a difference.
The simple truth is that we cannot do this unless we access workable second-hand units from reputable sources. 

We are still hoping to reach out target of helping 15 schools by early May. To date, we have been in contact with many schools. A breakdown of our efforts is summarised as follows:
c.150 schools received emails from and our friends in the West Cork Education Centre
8 schools have received one or more of the following directly through DOTIE: PC's, laptops, advice on infrastructure and / or support with their school website
At least 2 schools have received through our communication network. At least 1 more is on a waiting list.
2 schools were contacted by us and did not need any equipment at the time.
1 school is interested in obtaining equipment but describe themselves as 'not a priority'.
1 school is hoping to update their entire network and this may take a lot of time. We have started on the slow process of sourcing a large number of units for this school.
And finally, at least 1 more school has been contacted directly but we're waiting on feedback from them for their needs.

So there you have it.... a lot of work done by volunteers with a lot more left to do. 

We're not putting a limit to the number of schools as our aim is to help as many schools as possible to develop an ICT infrastructure and curriculum that will develop the necessary skills in our pupils.

As teachers who are teaching computers and coding to young teenagers, we know at first the of the importance of having an adequate system that can be easily managed. teachers have enough on their plate with motivating and supervising students. Any curriculum needs to be interesting, informative and be able to allow the student to develop a love of the subject. We hope to complete a curriculum that will achieve these aims.

Who knows where this 'journey' will take us ....... but it looks as if it is going to be an interesting one!

Eli Lilly - Making a fantastic difference & supporting our cause

posted 5 Feb 2015, 13:41 by Trevor Collins

Thank you so much to the management and staff of Eli Lilly (Especially Mr Gary Kirby) for making a lot of equipment available to local schools.

Their company policy requires them to donate directly to the receiving school rather than an intermediary such as us. With that in mind, could I ask you to contact Mr Kirby directly with your request.


I would ask you to email him directly on


Please note that the PC's that are available from Eli Lilly are without Hard Drives. You will be able to purchase 500Gb drives @€50 and 1Tb drives @€80 from the likes of PC World or online. Mr Kirby will advise you on what, if anything, that he can offer. 


On behalf of the DOTIE project, I would encourage you to chase up on any available units and rest assured that Darren Platts and I will help you where needed. (Simply contact us on once you have received any available equipment). 


We are very lucky that we have access to this equipment from such a community-orientated company such as Eli Lilly. 


I'm attaching a document that you should read before contacting Mr Kirby. (It may help a lot!)

Please get back to me if you think there is anything that I can help you with.



Trevor Collins @

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