The Concept


Who we are:

We're part of a small group of teachers who are using their free time to help schools in the locality to improve their ICT resources and infrastructure.

What we're attempting to do:

Get second hand computers into the primary schools in Cork

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for old / second-hand IT equipment that your firm may be considering sending to recycling or simply throwing out.

We need second hand computers or laptops. Preferably, the laptops would also include the charger while the computers would include leads, keyboard, mouse and if possible, a flat screen monitor. (Most of the primary schools simply do not have the space for the old-fashioned large monitors.) Computers and laptops that have Windows XP or higher are the minimum standard required.

It is a simple situation that any assistance would be a help. We can collect the units if needed. We have a policy that the memory on all equipment received will be erased (re-formatted) to ensure security and privacy. We have had some success in obtaining equipment but we need a lot more to satisfy our anticipated demand.

Where these units will go:

Once ready, these units will be distributed for free to local schools. (Or specific schools if you would prefer) We have been in contact with six schools so far. Two secondary schools and four primary schools have benefited from the system. They really appreciate the fact that we re-format the hard drive on the units, install software where required and deliver them to the schools for free. (No strings attached – nothing expected in return … not even a thank you!) 

Our mission:

We are simply committed to fostering a local environment where our youth have access to computers. We are also running the Bandon Coderdojo in our school in support of this policy. A Coderdojo is a voluntary computer club manned by teaching staff and volunteers to encourage children to discover the world of ICT. We simply cannot do this without working computer equipment.

If there are any queries, please feel free to contact me using the links provided.

Thank you for your interest and support in this project.