Disclaimer with the Donating Old Technology Into Education activity:

As with all things done on a voluntary basis and with every best will in the world, we, as organisers, need to protect ourselves from accidents that may happen.
We have received advice that for us to organise and expand in the most efficient way possible, we need to establish some form of limited company that can avail of some type of insurance to indemnify us against any impact that second hand computers may have.
It probably is a sign of the times that a voluntary activity overseen by volunteers who are passionate about trying to get ICT into education and improve the skills of young people, must incur additional costs (where no income is earned) in order to help make a positive difference. 
We are a voluntary group who source computers, prepare them for use and distribute them for free to schools who need them. we do not charge for the equipment or our time nor do we pay for any equipment received.

Please note:
Obviously security of data is always important, however, due to the nature of our organisation and it’s charitable purpose, we cannot accept any liability in respect of same. However, we use all reasonable efforts to attempt to: 1. Erase the hard drive on the unit and 2: re-write the memory so that the unit is completely clear of any data. This has the following 3 objectives: 1. To attempt to ensure that any private information stored on the unit cannot be used by anyone else, 2. To attempt to eliminate any potential viruses and 3. to attempt to ensure that the refreshed unit can operate as efficiently as possible. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept any liability if any of these objectives are not achieved.

We cannot take responsibility for any potential loss or damage done due to our actions of distributing a computer that was donated in good faith.